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Golden Nuggets: And Now ... We Wait

So the name change is complete, I am now James Brady, but I'd prefer you guys continue calling me whatever it is you call me. Be it Ninjames, NJ, James, or even like that one guy said yesterday, douche. I really don't care, when it all comes down to it. Anyway, we've now reached the point where the actual number of links in the Golden Nuggets will trickle down and slowly begin to run dry as we are once again in an uncertain point in the offseason. So if I occasionally post a link twice or something like that, it's just to fill things out and I'm not quite yet going senile. On the flip-side to that, if I miss a link, I probably am going senile, and you should post it here for everybody else, and ridicule me for the aforementioned reasons. Anyway, to the links we go, because I'm in a hurry. Enjoy. (Also, if you haven't yet, get some questions in to Michael Person and Kendall Hunter's college position coaches)

You can never have enough draft grades, and Maiocco has posted his. I don't disagree with his individual assessments, but I don't necessarily think his letter grade falls in line with the rest of what he's saying. (

Here's what appears to be a look at the 2009 draft, but I stopped reading when the comparisons of Aldon Smith-Manny Lawson and Colin Kaepernick-Alex Smith were made. (

The 49ers missed out on drafting "the perfect football player." A fourth round pick was too much to give up, honestly. (

The 49ers could have their eyes on a number of undrafted free agents. Out of all of the UDFAs out there, I like Steven Friday and Pat Devlin the most. (

Here's a good look at Aldon Smith, the 49ers' first round pick. (

Baale Talks Strategy with Sirius Radio (

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