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Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick And The Jim Harbaugh Offense

A couple hours ago, Edggy posted a FanShot linking to a PFT link to Matt Barrows' post about how Colin Kaepernick might learn some of the 49ers offense this offseason via the current 49ers with the playbook, and Stanford QB Andrew Luck. In the comments of the FanShot, a couple folks thought it was an overblown story in the terms of Kaepernick actually learning the 49ers offense.

However, given the context of the NFL Lockout, there is some value in Kaepernick having a chance to talk to a previous quarterback in the Jim Harbaugh offensive scheme. During his post-draft press conference, Coach Harbaugh spoke of the value of getting access to the playbook:

"I think it's better than not having the playbook, but it does need to be coached, explained. It needs to be interactive, questions being asked, questions being answered."

While Andrew Luck may not be able to "coach" the playbook, I've got to think that he can answer some questions for Kaepernick and at least help Kaepernick start to get his mind wrapped around this new offense. It's not the same as Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman sitting down with Kaepernick, but I don't see how it doesn't get Kaepernick at least moving in the right direction. Even if he doesn't set foot on the field in a regular season game this season, it's important to at least get down the basics of the offense and this is a perfect opportunity to get started.