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Caption This - Let's Eat!

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

With the NFL draft out of the way, we're back to boycotting here at the Caption This. There's no CBA. The lockout is back on... for now. Football - and I mean NFL football - existed for a brief draft weekend, but now it's gone again. So the Caption This will continue to wait. The Caption This will continue to take advantage of other sports. Because they still exist.

So that's why this week you get to look at Sergio Garcia with an apple in his mouth. To be perfectly honest, it's kind of amazing, based on the photos in our archives, how little time golfers spend golfing and how much time they spend eating. Sandwiches, fish and chips, bananas, and, yes, apples. And, yes, bananas. But, also: Apples.

So have some fun. Provide the funniest caption for this photo, and you will win the recognition of your peers. Yes, and without having to pay for it or anything. Totally free. Totally. Plus qualifying charges. You can just pay those directly to me, and I'll make sure that David Fucillo gets his cut.

Use the comments section to provide your captions and rec' the ones that make you laugh. Rec' them. Rec' them hard. Last week's rec' winner was howtheyscored, and it was a long time coming. I've been pulling for that guy for weeks.