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Golden Nuggets: Quick Links Today

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. I'm in a big hurry today, getting starting on the Nuggets late and I really need to sleep, so my commentary will be limited, which I'm sure will get you folks nice and depressed. Or maybe you're just depressed because the Sharks lost, which I'm going to blame on manraj7. So all of you be mean to him ... without breaking site decorum. But yeah, be totally mean to him, because he deserves it. As far as links go, probably not a whole lot today. Let's get to them. Enjoy.

Baalke: 49ers not looking to replace Frank Gore (

49ers hold their own offseason workout program(

Kaepernick to learn offense from Stanford QB, others (

Kaepernick to join teammates soon(

Getting to know your 49ers draft picks: CB Chris Culliver (

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Being a Sheep

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