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Golden Nuggets: Still Going Back and Forth on Chris Culliver

From now on, we're going to go with 2:00 a.m. pacific for the Golden Nuggets, seeing as how it would be appreciated by some folks, and I can usually get them done before that at this point. Ironically enough, I might be a little bit late tonight, as I just got back in from San Jose, where I was in the press box for the SaberCats game, which was a blast. They didn't win, but any time you can go to basically any sporting event, it's fun. In kind-of-related news, the absolute best place for pizza in the Bay Area is 4th Street Pizza Co in San Jose. I cannot recommend 'The Sharkie' enough, seriously. Their beer selection on tap isn't great, but that's the only downside I've found.  Anyway, I've got a piece on a certain 49ers kicker and betrayal later on today, so don't miss that. On to your links!

Here's Colin Kaepernick on Pro Football Talk Live, but I'm unable to watch it right now. Either way, he notes how coming to San Francisco is the best case scenario for him and that he wants to compete for a starting job from day one. Some folks may not have liked the pick, but I think every one of us is rooting for him. Go get 'em, Kaep'n. (

I am constantly changing my opinion on the Chris Culliver selection, and I'm sure I will continue to from now until the regular season when I can see him play. I fully expect him to compete and win the nickel corner job, but from there, it's all up in the air. Sam Lam gives you some information about him here. (

Kaepernick was the sixth quarterback taken off the board. Random stat and list guru Mike Sando shows all of the quarterbacks that were the sixth player off the board at the position since 1999. Not some great names there. Well, there's great names, like John David Booty and ... well, Booty is pretty much it. Hehe. Booty. But uh, not great players. (

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could possibly end up in six different games against rookie quarterbacks, including potentially facing Colin Kaepernick. Gerald McCoy is going to get fat off of that kind of feast. (

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