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2011 49ers Draft Picks: Bruce Miller And The Fullback Position

The 49ers filled a variety of need and depth concerns with their ten NFL Draft picks, and may or may not have done so with the fullback position. The team selected defensive lineman Bruce Miller with the 211th overall pick, but all indications point to Miller being selected as a potential fullback.

The 49ers fullback last season was Moran Norris and I think everybody has had their say on Norris and his future as the 49ers fullback. The question is what the team will do with the fullback position moving forward. The 49ers have Norris under contract for one more year, but in the world of non-guaranteed contracts that means next to nothing. However, it does leave the 49ers with an option if they don't find something else out there.

It's possible the team could decide that Miller, Nate Byham and maybe Anthony Dixon could all fit into the fullback role if Norris is jettisoned in the coming months. One aspect of the fullback position is how it will fit into Coach Harbaugh's offensive scheme. We need to do some more research on the position because his version of the west coast offense at Stanford involved a lot of tight end use. The fullback position will be important, but it's a question of how important.

Do people think the team's draft day move for Miller means they'll be looking into the free agent market a bit more for a fullback? If you want to look into the 2010 Cardinal offense a bit more, here's footage of Stanford's offense against the Cal defense.