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Golden Nuggets: Would Like Manny Lawson Back

After having to resort to quick links and being late, I think it's about time I get the Nuggets posted at the time they're supposed to .. you know, be posted. Unfortunately, there's not exactly a ton of links today, so there might be a repost or two. I do have a piece going up at 8:00 a.m. regarding a certain 49ers kicker and his ultimate betrayal, so that will be interesting, but things are slowing to a crawl right now. Actually, there might be some bit of news today regarding the NFL lockout, if you're not already burnt out on reading about it. Some say a decision could come today regarding the stay and appeal, but of course, that could just be more speculation to get our hopes up and dash them. I remain eternally pessimistic, so let's get to your links.

There's still room for Manny Lawson in the 49ers defense, even with Aldon Smith coming in. This is mostly because, you know, Smith will likely be taking over the weakside, not the strongside. I would definitely like Lawson back, but I consider Aubrayo Franklin and David Baas to be higher priorities at this point. (

I can't wait to wake up a couple hours after the Nuggets post and read this piece from Eric Branch on Jim Tomsula and his journey to where he's at right now. It looks like it's a great read, so check it out. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post, generally a good read. (

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