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Golden Nuggets: A Virtual Plethora Of Links

James is out of commission for the Nuggets today so I'm handling them once again. I'm wrapping up my Washington, DC trip for Memorial Day weekend and will be fully back in the saddle back in San Francisco later today. It's actually a pretty big day for links, at least compared to recent days. As LondonNiner and others mentioned in yesterday's Nuggets, it gets a little difficult to put together content in the offseason. Throw in the lockout messing with things and it's not pretty. That's sort of where the Tournament of Badness developed. If you ever have any ideas for completely random topics for discussion, feel free to mention them in the comments or shoot me an email and we'll work something up.

Before we get to the link, completely random, but anybody else enjoy the word plethora? I love using it because it reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Three Amigos. On to the links...

NFL tells 49ers to stop discussing Alex Smith (Pro Football Talk)

Another take on NFL memo to 49ers (Yahoo! Sports)

Third take on the NFL memo (NBC Bay Area)

Wanted: More Wide Receivers (Barrows)

Ricky Jean Francois is working hard this offseason (Maiocco)

Goldson, Willis working out in LA (Barrows)

49ers odds and ends (Branch)

Poll on NFC West Offensive Star Power (Sando)

Yesterday on Niners Nation

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