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NN 49ers Draft Bust Community Vote: Developing A Pool Of Players

In the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, I provided a rundown of my view of the top ten 49ers draft busts and successes since 1990. There was plenty of disagreement over my choices so I thought we could come up with a ranking of busts based on a community vote. We'll use the same voting system we use for our Community Big Board, so you'll vote from a pool of 25 players, going one through five, six through ten, etc. I'm thinking we'll go either top ten or top twenty.

We're doing this now because after that Florida Danny will put together his own look at draft busts based on a more statistical approach. It could be interesting to see how the two results compare given our perceptions of certain players.

For now I've posted the top ten list I came up with after the jump. I'd like to use this post to come up with a pool of players. Given popular demand I'll include Alex Smith in the poll and let people vote as they will. For now though, please provide any additional names (players drafted since 1990) you can think of that you'd qualify as a bust. Doesn't have to be a guy you view as the top bust, but sufficiently likely to get some votes. I'll get the poll going tomorrow once we come up with some more names.

49ers Top 10 NFL Draft Busts
1. Jim Druckenmiller, Quarterback - 1997 NFL Draft
2. J.J. Stokes, Wide Receiver - 1995 NFL Draft
3. Rashaun Woods, Wide Receiver - 2004 NFL Draft
4. Mike Rumph, Cornerback - 2002 NFL Draft
5. Kentwan Balmer, Defensive End - 2008 NFL Draft
6. Todd Kelly, Outside Linebacker - 1993 NFL Draft
7. Kwame Harris, Offensive Tackle - 2003 NFL Draft
8. Dexter Carter, Running Back - 1990 NFL Draft
9. Reggie McGrew, Defensive Tackle - 1999 NFL Draft
10. Dana Hall, Free Safety - 1992 NFL Draft