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Call For Wide Receivers To Provide Targets For 49ers QBs

If you ever had dreams of catching passes from an NFL quarterback, your chance might be at hand. According to Matt Barrows, yesterday's 49ers practice included all three quarterbacks but only three wide receivers. Apparently only Kyle Williams, Kevin Jurovich and an unnamed pass catcher from San Jose State were available.

Josh Morgan, Ted Ginn, and Ronald Johnson have all taken part in practices at some point or another, but they are not on hand at the moment. I believe Johnson had returned home in part to save some money while the lockout continues. There hasn't been much discussion as to where Morgan and Ginn are. Kyle Williams has apparently also been working out in Arizona with a group that includes Larry Fitzgerald and Greg Jennings. While Williams might not gain a lot from that, just being around those guys has to be a boost.

As long as the lockout continues we'll remain in a sort of bizarro world of these quasi-workouts. Given the lack of receivers on hand, I think it would be pretty entertaining if some of the more athletic 49ers fans out there headed down to the South Bay to try and hunt down the practice site. I'm not the most athletic of people (do some mild distance running and a city softball team), maybe I should wander down there and get in on the practice sessions. I'm not all that fast but I've got a long stride and can probably get down the field to haul in some passes. Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, or David Carr, if you're reading this, I'll await your email.