Official Community Thread [6/1/2011] The Pitts: Greatest Show Ever

Welcome to our fith installment of the Ninersnation Community Thread. Here we can go into off-topics such as how was storytime? Who would win in a dance off? What are colors? So now our front page football topics will be about football (strange concept, I know). First rule is, there are rules! Second rule is that site decorum is still on. No talk into religion, politics, or dirty dirty. No personal attacks, racism, or sexist remarks. I have lost interest about kittens, so lets try to go light on the pictures and gifs. This is going to be like the draft threads so we can come back to a discussion so that means REC THIS! That is a good rule of thumb in any situation. So lets have some fun here. If anyone has seen jbrown63's parents, ask them if he can come out to play. The new topic of conversation: I have lost interest in television. I have instead fallen head over heels for a certain online movie and television service that ends in "flix" (I'm not free promoting, send a check). I now watch old sitcoms any time I want. What are your favorite shows and ones you can't watch. I'm with Ninjames in that Spin City never got the credit it deserved, pre or post Fox.

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