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Caption This: Still No Football?

No. Still no football.

Which is why you get baseball instead.

I know. I know. I would REALLY like to have football back soon. I had to take last week off because there's still no football. I can only look at so many photos of LeBron James and think, "well, that's kind of funny, I guess," before I lose it. And I actually like LeBron James. And as soon as he passes that darned note back, I'll know whether or not he likes me back. Unless he checks "maybe". Why... why did I make a box for "maybe"? Why would anybody make a box for "maybe"? What kind of cruel, hellish possibility is that? What if he checks "maybe"? Oh, God....

So we must be patient. Not every photo of LeBron is going to be a winner, and when football starts I'll have a whole cache of stock targets to pin up for this segment. Alex Smith, anyone? He's a Caption This legend, bringing you such classics of the genre as "Alex Smith Sideways" and "Alex Smith in a Padres Hat". I can't wait to see what he brings to the table in 2011. But we don't have football. In the meantime, we just have to make due with Milton Bradley.

Now, this photo isn't going to, ahem, make headlines* because it shows Milton Bradley being crazy. That's just what you get when you take a photo of Milton Bradley. I love this photo because of Eric Wedge. He just looks so, so bored. He's barely even making the effort. He's also discovered Bradley's dark, dark secret: the innie nipple. And he's just scratching the surface here. That sucker's three inches deep on a warm day. Have you ever been knuckle deep in another man's nipple? Eric Wedge has.

So play the game. Give me your best. Do you see a caption that this photo is begging to have? If so, we need to know what that caption is. Use the comments section to show us. And make sure to rec' whatever makes you laugh. Last time, LondonNiner took the crown again, making two times in a row that he's won your hearts. Can he make it three?

*Yeah. See what I did there?