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Golden Nuggets: No Rift With Michael Crabtree ... Well, Alright

Well color me shocked! I see that I may have made a mistake in seeding for yesterday's match, I did not know that you guys felt so passionately about not calling somebody a bust after one season. Its bad, to be sure, but I've seen it around here quite a bit. Either way, I suppose I over-estimated the usage of the word "beast," but that's the beauty of the tournament! If all the number one seeds made it, it would be boring, no? Of course! Anyway, we do have a few 49ers-related links for you today, so I'm going to get to those sooner rather than later. I may just be posting links though, I'm in quite a bit of a hurry. Actually, scratch that. You'll get commentary, just of the limited variety. Anyway, here's your linkage, folks (and don't forget to go vote in the ongoing match for the NN NFL Tournament of Badness).

Alex Smith says that there's no rift with Michael Crabtree. I have no reason to not believe him, so I'm just going to go ahead and assume it's fine for the moment. I still don't feel good about the Smith-to-Crabtree connection in 2011, regardless. (

David Baas wants to come back to the 49ers in 2011, and he believes the feeling is mutual. I'd have to assume it is, as well. I also suspect he believes the feeling is mutual because, you know, the team tried to re-sign him when they had the chance to do so. (

Where exactly does David Carr stand? He doesn't ... he sits. On the bench. (

You know, I really am struck at how professional the workout seems, from an offensive standpoint. They have depth charts of sorts, they have Colin Kaepernick throwing to secondary targets, and Smith is doing a lot as a leader. I don't know, I guess I just feel good about the practices. Maiocco had a live-blog of day four right here. (

Alex Smith, as you could imagine, expects to be the starter next season. Absolutely. Definitely. No question. (

I am happy that Anthony Dixon doesn't suffer from Frank Gore syndrome, in that he's willing to share the football. I really feel that he has no choice in the matter, when it all comes down to it. Kendall Hunter could be special, from what I can tell. (

Here's some more thoughts on the Alex Smith-led minicamps. (

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