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Golden Nuggets: Quick Links, Long Lockout

Mornin', folks. Don't forget that yesterday's matchup in the Niners Nation NFL Tournament of Badness will be going until 2:35 p.m. pacific today since I was slacking on getting the post out. The new post will go up at 2:00 p.m. like it is supposed to though, so don't get confused. I know a lot of you are, how you say, "slow" (mcwagner). Anyway, I'm in a hurry tonight, so just quick links, apologies for that! You'll live though, I'm sure. Maybe. If you happen to pass out and die from it, just let me know afterward and I'll be sure to not do it again. On to the links!

Smith says playbook has 'evolved' since Walsh (

Carr has good feelings about 49ers future (

Grab Bag: Alex offers 'poor' self assessment (

49ers Host Annual Coaching School (

Baas' long flight shows commitment (

Everything you want to know about Alex Smith (

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