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AEG's Los Angeles Football Stadium Does Not Include The 49ers In Discussions

We recently passed the one year anniversary of the 49ers stadium vote down in Santa Clara with the team still a ways off from getting a deal done. It sounds like the environmental impact has been figured out for the most part but as expected the financing remains a significant issue. The team is working to sell naming rights and will have to figure out ways to make up the additional funding, particularly in light of the expected loss of approximately $40 million in redevelopment money.

One potential solution that has been discussed is working with the Raiders to develop a dual-use stadium. If the Raiders and 49ers got together, the NFL might be able to help in the financing depending on the new CBA. Of course, that would all be contingent on the Raiders actually sticking around the Bay Area.

Reports have come out that the Raiders are one of five teams that have spoken with AEG about their planned LA football stadium. The reports seem to indicate billionaire Philip Anschutz wants to buy a team to move them down. The Raiders are denying they're for sale so that might kill that idea pretty quickly.

It's interesting to note that the 49ers are not included in the five teams (Raiders, Chargers, VIkings, Jaguars, Rams), but I'd imagine that has something to do with a combination of the 49ers current stadium plans and the Yorks likely telling Anschutz that they're not for sale. Either way, it's hopefully at least a little positive in terms of the Yorks' dedication to getting a stadium deal done in the Bay Area.