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MLB Realignment: Should The NFL Consider Changes?

One of many random issues for the NFL in 2010 was the NFC West race that resulted in a 7-9 playoff team. While the 7-9 Seahawks took down the 11-5 Saints, the idea of a sub-.500 playoff team left a lot of folks bent out of shape.

Recently Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association began negotiations for their labor agreement. I believe the MLB CBA expires after this season, so the fact that the two sides have begun negotiations now is a good thing. What's most interesting is the fact that an issue the two sides are discussing is possible realignment. While the NFL and NFLPA find themselves discussing the basic issue of dividing up television money, MLB and the MLBPA have a solid enough relationship to look at broad issues like realignment and playoff expansion.

MLB is considering switching to two 15-team leagues with no divisions and five playoff teams in each league. That would be a sizable change compared to the current status of each league. This had me pondering potential changes in the NFL. The NFL and NFLPA have enough bigger issues that changes in league alignment is not going to happen anytime soon. If the two sides could deal with the rest of the issues sooner rather than later, what are your thoughts on realignment in the NFL? Should the league consider adjustments to the current divisional structure?