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When Will The 49ers Have Another 1,000 Yard Receiver?

When I was looking over fantasy numbers for this post, I saw how Vernon Davis finished with 914 receiving yards in 2010 and 965 receiving yards in 2009. The last time the 49ers had a 1,000-yard receiver was Terrell Owens in 2003 when he finished with 1,102 yards. That's seven seasons without one.

As long as the team starts winning I suppose having a 1,000-yard receiver is a secondary concern, but I'm still curious when the 49ers might get their next 1,000-yard receiver and who it will be. It seems like Vernon Davis would be the safe bet, particularly given Harbaugh's use of tight ends. Of course, if he works in Delanie Walker more that could cut back Davis' numbers a bit. Michael Crabtree would have to be a close second option. Crabtree finished with 741 yards last season in spite of what was really a fairly down season after the way he exploded on the season in 2009.

The quarterback issues will directly impact this but it seems like the talent is there for one, if not two 1,000-yard receivers. Will we finally see it in 2011? It's worth noting the 49ers last had a pair of 1,000-yard receivers in 1998 when Jerry Rice had 1,157 yards and Terrell Owens had 1,097 yards.