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Golden Nuggets: The NFL Lockout Will Be The Death Of Me

This lockout will be the death of me. It's odd, as I get more optimistic (think of it on a scale ... I'm still in the "pessimistic" section) about a potential deal getting done, it upsets me more. That is to say, the lockout itself is angerin' up my blood and I just want it to be over. Putting together the Golden Nuggets inspires rage, turning on the NFL Network inspires rage, and even thinking about Twitter makes me want to punch somebody in the face. Tre9er seems to be cool with it, so I'll punch him in the face. I give all of you permission to do so as well. Anyway, at least we have a few links to work with today, so I'm going to get to those. Don't forget to go vote in the NN NFL Tournament of Badness. Just sayin'. Enjoy.

Jim Harbaugh isn't trying to hear anything the NFL is telling him. He went ahead and talked more about quarterback Alex Smith, and I commend him for it. No reason to not talk about a guy who is not with any team right now, and is one of "your" free agents. (SB Nation Bay Area)

Aldon Smith has no problem with NFL-level workouts at this point, which is good. I'm glad he's not having trouble adjusting at this point to the regime, it will be the most important part of his success. (

Joe Montana required stitches after an ATV accident. Dude needs to take it easy. (

Fabrizio Scaccia nailed another long field goal in the Arena Football League. The goal posts are half the size of NFL goal posts. Scaccia has always had good accuracy, if he gets a fair chance, he might just make the roster. I'd definitely like to see it. (

Here's an article calling Michael Crabtree a knucklehead ... and though I'm very critical of Crabtree, I tend not to read the 'up-own-ass' type of articles so I didn't read this piece. Do with it what you will. (

Again, you can't learn a ton from the Alex Smith-led minicamps, but here are some observations from Maiocco anyway. I hope they do it again soon, I imagine it helped a great deal. (

You gotta like Mike Florio of all people insulting another journalist for breaking a story too soon or breaking a story with the wrong information. The irony there is palpable. Either way, the 49ers could still be one of the teams involved in the LA talks. I would quit watching the NFL. (

If you missed it, I put out a post regarding Alex Smith's receiving targets, and how he'll have plenty to work with, regardless of what happens with Michael Crabtree. (SB Nation Bay

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