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49ers OT Joe Staley: Smaller, Quicker, Better?

The 49ers wrapped up their minicamp last week at San Jose State University and one of the more interesting stories dealt with how the offensive line as a whole was looking to be in excellent shape. Most notably, we heard Anthony Davis hired a personal strength coach and Adam Snyder and Joe Staley were back down closer to their college weight. It remains to be seen how it all translates on the field, but the word passed on by the beat writers is pretty interesting.

Last Saturday, Matt Barrows put together a player-by-player review of the participants in the "Camp Alex" minicamp. I found his comments about Joe Staley to be intriguing:

T Joe Staley. Staley also is right around 300 pounds, which is what he weighed as a rookie out of Central Michigan. Staley tried getting heavier in recent years but felt he lost quickness in doing so. His foot speed has returned this offseason. The difference between now and when he was a rookie, Staley said: He's a lot stronger.

Joe Staley's performance elicits a wide range of opinions here. Personally I view him as definitely not a bad offensive tackle but a guy who is still on the uphill climb to reaching his potential. Could a slightly smaller, but quicker and still strong version Staley be what helps him take his game to the next level?