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Golden Nuggets: End To The Lockout Would Be A Great Birthday Present

People are feeling pretty optimistic about the lockout and its chances of ending now. A couple days ago, I noted that I was feeling optimistic for the first time in awhile about things, and now I'm to the point where I'm about to freak out if a deal doesn't get done. People are talking about potential voting on the 21st and 22nd of June, but I don't know how solid those dates are. They sure would be awesome, considering my birthday is on the 23rd and that would be quite the present from the NFL. I say that because I know that they, of course, care about me and my obviously eternal greatness. Anyway, I'm gonna get to your links, should be some good ones today, folks. Enjoy.

So, I guess I missed the part where people were talking about Anthony Dixon as a fullback. Yeah, there's no way that scenario is even the least bit feasible. Dixon is not and cannot play fullback, and I love the guy. Maiocco agrees. (

Would the 49ers be interested in Terrelle Pryor? Barrows seems to think that they might be interested in the wide receiver version. I think they won't even be a little bit interested in any version. No thanks. (

Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick have got their professional relationship off to a good start. I like that, maybe we'll get a Smith-Shaun Hill vibe going on, friendly competition is great. (

Have expectations for the 49ers changed with the lockout? Realistically, yes, because they are at a significant disadvantage with the lockout ... but then again, expectations were probably unrealistic to begin with. I still don't know what we should expect, to be honest with you. (

If you missed this bit about Fabrizio Scaccia and the long field goal he made in the AFL, you need to read it. I feel really good about this guy's future in San Francisco. (

Putting In The Miles (

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