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NN NFL Tournament of Badness Opening Round: The Tuck Rule and God's Love Of Football

So I'm late once again, this tournament is becoming like the Golden Nuggets, I just can't keep up! Either way, I'm glad to see my seeding hold up yesterday as the new kickoff rule beat that stupid dancing robot on FOX pretty handily. That's really how it was supposed to go down, though I do hate seeing the dancing robot eliminated in the very first round. It just wasn't meant to be. Today, we've got "God Cares Too Much About Football" taking on the infamous "Tuck Rule." Let's see how 49ers fans view that gem.

So make the jump to read the descriptions of the participants for today, read full results from the left side of the bracket and of course, view the entire bracket. But first: remember, we are voting on what we believe to be the absolute worst thing of the two. If you're voting in a worst food contest, and you like pizza more than hamburgers, you would then vote for hamburgers in that matchup. Get it? Got it? Good. Make the jump.

(7) God Cares Way Too Much About Football

Please note that this is not a religious debate, and it's not an outlet for you to vent your frustrations about religion or debate its merits. It is, however, an outlet to [site decorum] about how annoying it is when players insist that God had everything to do with their team's victory. I get it, I really do - the big man upstairs gives you the strength to play the game - but most of the time players reference singular moments in time in which God was clearly rooting for them to win. No, Kurt Warner, He didn't drop a bill on the Arizona Cardinals to make that Super Bowl, OK? I mean, not even omniscience can predict something so outlandish like that. He was just as surprised as the rest of the league. My biggest problem with it is when they say it every single time they talk, and when they say it to make it sound like the other team is just a bunch of Godless heathens. That's not very nice, ya know.

(10) Tuck Rule

So this rule was conceived at some point back when women were burned at the stake for being witches because they could read. It's archaic and silly all in one, and it's an obscure little rule that cost a team a Super Bowl. Actually, I know some 49ers fans will probably be alright with the rule considering the team that got screwed, but I'd like to remind you all the team that didn't get screwed by it: the New England Tom Bradys. Yeah. So if I were you, I'd vote without team biases here.

Day 1: "America's Team" def. "New York FOOTBALL Giants" - 428-40
Day 2: Rookie Holdouts def. Week 16, 17 Byes - 266-65
Day 3: Seahawks Alternates def. Buccaneers Loser Uniforms - 328-118
Day 4: New Referee Rule Limiting No Huddle def. Icing The Kicker - 180-116
Day 5: Twitter Beefs def Madden Curse - 125-108
Day 6: Prevent Defense def. Wildcat Formation - 296-65
Day 7: Chris Berman's Mannerisms def. The Many Faces of Philip Rivers - 188-185
Day 8: Player 'X' Is A Football Player def. Player 'X' Is A Future Hall Of Famer - 194-96
Day 9: Brett Favre's Media Whoring def. New AFC and NFC Championship Trophies - 293-39
Day 10: Fans That Take It Too Far def Franchise Tag - 231-42
Day 11: Daniel Snyder def. Rex Ryan's Foot Fetish - 126-76
Day 12: Garth DeFelice def. Donovan McNabb And Overtime Rules - 207-48
Day 13: TV Blackouts def Player 'X' Always Being Wide Open - 253-43
Day 14: Players Celebrating When Down Big def. Being A "Poor Man's" Something - 244-35
Day 15: NFL's Exclusive License With EA def. Super Bowl Halftime Shows - 161-139
Day 16: Cortland Finnegan def. Frank Gore's Love For Moran Norris - 191-145
Day 17: Player 'X' Being A Bust After One Season def. Player 'X Is A Beast - 209-39
Day 18: Players Doing Stupid Things def. Rashard Mendenhall's Twitter Account - 129-55
Day 19: Tanking The Season To Draft Andrew Luck def. Need To Look At The Film - 152-119
Day 20: Less Cheerleaders def. Joe Theismann - 182-139
Day 21: Al Davis Drafting Like He's Being Advised By Ricky Bobby def. Matt Millen - 186-128
Day 22: New Kickoff Rule def. The Dancing Robot on FOX - 240-152

NN NFL Tournament of Badness Bracket and Results

This poll will run until 2:25 p.m. on July 16th.