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Mike Mayock On Terrelle Pryor: Similar To Colin Kaepernick?

The NFL Network spent the early part of its NFL Total Access show discussing Terrelle Pryor, looking at Drew Rosenhaus' comments during Pryor's press conference and then getting some analysis from their experts. Rosenhaus really is entertaining as he did all he could to pump up his latest client.

Mike Mayock took some time to discuss Pryor after viewing four hours of tape on Tuesday covering three games. In his analysis of Pryor he actually compared him primarily to 49ers draft pick Colin Kaepernick. He viewed them both as big, athletic kids that were fairly raw in their quarterback development.

People have mentioned the possibility of third or fourth round picks at best on Pryor. Mayock spoke to this given Kaepernick's rise into the second round in April's draft.. Kaepernick had the opportunity to go through the entire pre-draft process including the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, Pro Day, and the entire interview process. There's always a lot of talk about how players can rise and fall during that timeframe between January and April. This could show how different it can be when you've got a "project" getting 3+ months to impress teams versus a project with "character concerns" who will get much less time to show his stuff.

Of course, all of that is predicated on you buying into the belief that Pryor compares to Kaepernick. How do folks compare the two? I honestly watched very little Big Ten football this past year and what little I did see, Pryor did little to impress me.