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Golden Nuggets: Quick Links ... Blame The Riots

Good morning folks ... I hope nobody lives in or has any family in Vancouver, because that place is ridiculous right now. If you didn't hear, there's riots going on because the Canucks lost game seven of the Stanely Cup Finals. I just don't get that rationality ... your team loses, so you burn your city to the ground? They're looting and fighting, and apparently fornicating. I mean, it does sound like one of the tamer parties or concerts I've been to, but this is just stupid.  I am ashamed to be a sports fan today, and as such, these will be quick links. I'm going into a sports coma, later folks. Enjoy the linkage.

Harbaugh mum on Smith (

New WRs coach expects "phenomenal" year from Crabtree (

Strong start to Smith/Kaepernick relationship (

Memorial service for ex-49ers star John Henry Johnson scheduled for Saturday at Pittsburgh High  (

49ers have a lot of work to do to complete talented roster (

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