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Caption This: King James Edition

Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Caption This is a balancing act. Sometimes the photo stands completely on its own, effectively castrating all attempts at successful captioning. Sometimes the photo itself isn't inherently funny in any particular way, but the captions just fly off the shelves. Sometimes, the two are in perfect harmony. Today's thread will surely fulfill one of those descriptions.

A confession: I like LeBron James. I think he represents himself poorly sometimes, and very poorly other times. I admit that he's likely too arrogant for his own good. But, you know, I still find him likable, somehow. He's very good at basketball. If you can get past the sideshow and the occasionally poorly worded public statement, he seems like a good guy with a decent sense of humor. So it is without the usual frothing that I present you with today's photo. I do this for the sake of comedy. I like LeBron James, yes, and there may be a support group for that, but I also like this photo, and comedy demands that I plaster it on your screens.

So, enjoy. I don't know how that fan got that 26-year-old photo from James's childhood home, but I'm glad he did. I mean, LeBron's mom is hot, and she's totally looking at me.

Use the comments section to provide your captions: The funnier the better. When you see one that makes you laugh, give it a rec'. Last week Bigmouth and microwave donut shared the prize with the most rec's. Hopefully we may return to our regularly scheduled football broadcasting soon enough.