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Golden Nuggets: Ketchup Chips, Schizophrenic 49ers Stadium Views and Adam Froman

I suppose it's time for me to get back to full iterations of the Golden Nuggets, seeing as how I am calmer at this point, mostly because Vancouver is. I still find what happened to be despicable, though it is worth noting that it wasn't jut a bunch of Canucks fans taking part, there was an anarchist group taking advantage of the initial riots to make things worse. I guess that kind of thing wouldn't happen when it comes to the 49ers or Giants or somebody like that ... have you ever seen people blazed out of their skull riot? Me neither. At any rate, the only looting would take place at 7-11 and ampm. Protect the ketchup chips! Anyway, go vote in the Tournement of Badness, post any links I missed, etc etc and stay classy. Onto the links, chilllldren!

John Morton has good feelings about Michael Crabtree ... I only wish I shared them, honestly. I was feeling pretty hyped about him when we signed Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman, but I'm just wondering if he's putting 100% into it this offseason. We shall see. (

Apparently you should feel good about the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara, and then you should also feel bad about it. So yeah, there's that. There's a reason I don't pay attention to this stuff. (

I really admire Eric Branch's dedication to hyping up quarterback Adam Froman, I only hope the kid can stick somewhere, if only for Branch. I do like his developmental potential.  (

I never did consider the fact that Colin Kaepernick preparing for future success at San Jose State is some kind of irony. (

Speaking of Kaepernick, he's getting pretty close to healthy. That's a good sign, I want him training a full NFL regime sooner rather than later. (

This article has his name in the title, but only mentions him in the last sentence, but it's significant: Scott McKillop is back in town. I hope he's getting close to healthy. (

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