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2011 49ers and Alex Smith: If a QB Being Nice is Bad, He's the Worst

Some say that Alex Smith is just "too nice" to be a successful quarterback in the NFL.  Others think he has some fire on the field that contrasts his nice-guy attitude when not playing.  If there's any credence to the statement that nice guys don't make good QB's...then we're all screwed.

Yesterday, Barrows had a post detailing how Mr. Congenial (Smith) seemingly one-upped himself in the nice-guy department. Rookie draft-pick Ronald Johnson (USC) made the trip out to the Bay Area last week for "Camp Alex".  He's stuck around since then, and although he didn't have a "whip" (car) to ride in, it didn't take him long to solve that problem.

According to Barrows, Alex Smith loaned Johnson a car...and not just any car, Smith's wife's car.  Barrows noted that it was a decidedly nicer car than the plain-jane pickup truck that Mr. Smith drives...going as far as to say it was of German descent.  I'm thinking it has to be a Benz, but BMW is a distinct possibility.

If being kind and helpful to challenger Colin Kaepernick wasn't nice enough for you, deciding to lead the player-only mini-camp and help those less-fortunate get to town, or doing all of this as a free agent with a very tumultuous past here in SF...maybe loaning your wife's Benzy to a 6th round draft pick qualifies?

Personally I like it, and it endears me to Smith even more.  I have no idea what he'll do on the field this year, and while I care about that aspect, I also care about human nature and being a good dude.  Besides, I really don't think being a jerkface is going to help Alex magically turn things around, anyways.