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Golden Nuggets: What Would Ronald Johnson's Reaction Be If We Took His 'Son'?

Good morning folks, how's everybody doing today? Good, good, I'm glad to hear it. Unless you answered something bad, in which case I am most definitely not glad to hear it. Not at all. You should take care of that, you know ... like after you read and comment on the Nuggets. More advice from me would be to avoid the community threads, since they're simply an underhanded attempt to take away comments from the nuggets by that curious mcwagner fellow. I say yous shouldn't trust anybody with a 'w' in their name, it's just bad mojo. I mean, would you trust LondonNiner? No. That's a trick question, because his actual last name begins with a 'w'. The jerk. I think there's some pertinent 49ers-related links today, but don't quote me on that. I could just be lying, I do that a lot. Enjoy.

Another day and another article about Ronald Johnson and his love for football. That is to say, his love for a football. It's kind of creepy and awesome at the same time, like Chris Culliver's tweets. (

Joe Montana is OK after his ATV incident, just dealing with a black eye and a minor leg injury, set to return to his regularly scheduled programming in a month. Slow down, Joe. (

Should Dashon Goldson stay, or should he go? (cue LondonNiner flipping out on The Clash again) Personally, I would like him to stick around if the price is right. He had a down year last year and I believe the fanbase overrates him, but I'm willing to admit I could be totally wrong. (

Players Remain Active In Community (

20th best NFL franchise? I guess that's fine, though I think we all know that we could beat up all the other fans in a drunken bar fight, and that's what's important. (

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Exploiting My Readers

If you're not into juvenile cartoons and nerd rap, this paragraph isn't for you. As it stands, I've already been labeled a childish unmarried simpleton, so I'm alright with things. The mc chris cartoon is 3k away from it's 55k goal, and if it gets there, it will be funded. Needless to say, you should get on this. There are 12 days left. Do it. If you donate, I will confess my love for you on Twitter in an elaborate fashion. Here's a link.

Being a Sheep

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