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Golden Nuggets: Back To Pessimism

Morning, morning folks. Slow day at Niners Nation yesterday, probably because Fooch was off getting wasted and watching the A's dismantle the Giants Jonathan Sanchez. Screw that noise. Unfortunately, there's not many new links today, the rest of 49erland is moving in slow motion, much like the site yesterday. All I can say is go vote in the Tournament of Badness, and let's hope that some kind of deal gets done with the NFL lockout. I'm back into pessimism mode for reasons I can't really define, oh well. My pessimism has always led to something good happening, so maybe it'll work this time. Let's hope. I guess I'm gonna get to your links ... or maybe just link? I'm not sure yet.

Who can make the biggest impact for the 49ers at safety? I think the answer is pretty clearly Taylor Mays based on his potential, but I don't know if it's likely that he'll ever reach said potential. Goldson is pretty hit-or-miss as well, but at the very least, his floor is above-average. (

Isaac Sopoaga is fine with moving back to the middle of the line. I say we play him at fullback a couple more times. Just sayin'. (

I wonder if the team will pursue a free agent cornerback ... I've slowly come around on the Chris Culliver pick, but I'm still not sold on him. They need outside help with the shaky situation they've got right now. Nate Clements is not gonna cut it on his own. (

Ahahaha. Somebody in Sando's latest chat wrap said that Jim Harbaugh sounds too much like recent 49ers coaches with his talk of a power running game. To clue you in, Steve from San Jose, Harbaugh and Roman have, you know, offensive coaching ability and pedigree. The most significant thing to note is the fact that Harbaugh's offense will adapt and not insist upon its foundation if it's not working. (

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