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Golden Nuggets: Back To My Old Ways

Big thanks to Fooch for covering the Golden Nuggets for the past couple days. My sleep schedule needed some serious help, and I had plenty of other stuff going on as well. I'm back now, though I daresay I will still have to revert to quick links here and there. I also am not going to go back and see what links were posted in the past couple days, Site, random note that has nothing to do with the 49ers: anybody live in the central valley and use Charter Cable internet? I'd like to ask if you have a problem with Google/Bing/Yahoo ... basically, any web search. Yes, this is me using the Nuggets for my own personal gain. Deal with it. Anyway, let's get to whatever links I happen to have for you good folks. Enjoy.

Alex Smith is planning a minicamp ... potentially a multitude of them. I think this is great, because I've always had Smith pegged as someone who ... well, wouldn't do something like this. Maybe he is really happy to be working with Jim Harbaugh? (

Unfortunately, Smith has no idea why Michael Crabtree is not participating in the workouts as of yet. This is quite infuriating, to be honest with you. Suffice to say I am not a fan of Crabtree right now. (

It really sucks to see the roster as it stands and just sort of take in all the guys that aren't getting in the work they need to right now. The whole roster, signed and unsigned, remain in limbo as it stands. (

Is the 49ers quarterback situation already set for 2011? I think it is in regards to who will be under center, but not necessarily set in that it will be a position of strength, especially with this lockout. (

Alex Smith seriously considered a "fresh start" elsewhere, but ultimately decided to stay in San Francisco. If not for the chorus of boos he'll be greeted with, the Harbaugh era should feel like a fresh start, for whatever that is worth. (

It's old news at this point, but I would like to say that the NFL is getting into NCAA levels of ridiculous by telling Harbaugh he's not allowed to talk about Smith. (

Teaching His Trade (

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