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Takeo Spikes Tweets He Thinks There's A Very Good Chance He'll Return

I just noticed that over the weekend, Takeo Spikes provided some useful information about his future with the 49ers, or at least his tentative future. He was asked a question over Twitter about the chances of his returning to San Francisco in 2011 if there is a season. His response:

"@ste_ale_777: @TakeoSpikes51 Takeo, what's the chances of you being back in San Fran this season(if there is one)?""very good one"less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

There really hadn't been much in the way of chatter about what the future held for Takeo Spikes. He's been working out in Atlanta and I don't believe he'd made much reference to his future prior to this Tweet. Now, once the lockout ends we'll finally get some closure on this issue.

Although the 49ers do need to build for the future when it comes to the Ted position, Spikes remains a key component of the defense. He is a guy that even at 34 years of age remains a strong contributor on defense. He's been among the team's leading tacklers from day one and last year actually led the team in interceptions. That doesn't say a whole lot about the 49ers secondary, but let's focus on the positive for now. He remains a play-maker for this defense.

Assuming 2011 gets started, this could prove to be his most important season to date as one would hope NaVorro Bowman would take strides towards earning the Ted position away from Takeo. Although Spikes may want to play forever (and I'm sure most of us would love it if he could), I'm hoping his work with the younger linebackers will put the 49ers in a position to transition to those younger guys as they move forward.