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NFL Network Airing The Catch, The Catch II Tonight

I meant to post this earlier today but ended up taking a nap instead. Real responsible, I know! At 5pm pacific (so right now basically), the NFL Network will be airing their NFL's Greatest Games series featuring The Catch and following that up with The Catch II at 6:30. The episodes are each an hour and a half long. I don't know for certain but I believe it's basically airing the games but cutting out a lot of the time drags.

I'd imagine not everybody gets the NFL Network, but if you do flip it on to enjoy three hours of really fun, originally gut-wrenching football. The 49ers have had some great games in their history and these are right there at the top of the list. While we wait for more breakthroughs in the labor situation, we can sit back and enjoy some classic NFL action featuring our San Francisco 49ers.

Beyond these two games, what are some of your favorite 49ers games in history outside of Super Bowl victories?