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Shawntae Spencer Might Need To Re-Learn How To Tackle

A couple weeks ago, Football Outsiders put together a rundown of broken tackles against defensive players. The stat comes from FO's game-charting in which individuals track entire games for very specific statistics that aren't captured in many other places. Given the fact that people are watching and tracking this, the numbers might not be 100% accurate. However, even with a little bit of inaccuracy, they still paint an interesting picture.

In a rundown of players with ten or more broken tackles, Shawntae Spencer was tied for 11th with 11 broken tackles. However, on this list he is second for missed tackle percentage. Based on his total tackles (does not include assists), Spencer missed 22% of his tackles in 2010. In the paragraph below the table they refer to run tackles. I'm curious however what the breakdown is of broken pass tackles versus broken run tackles. Didn't at least one of those broken tackles come on that crazy Donald Driver touchdown in the third quarter of the 49ers-Packers game?

It's worth noting that Justin Smith had zero broken tackles last year and Takeo Spikes had only two broken tackles. His 2.1% broken tackle rate was good for fourth among linebackers with at least 50 tackles.

Any thoughts on what caused such a weak performance from Spencer in this regard?