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Second 49ers Minicamp Is Almost At Hand

The 49ers will be conducting their second minicamp next week in the return of "Camp Alex." It sounds like we'll get similar offensive participation and a few more defensive players in the second round of 49ers players-only minicamp. As has been noted by many (players, twitter, etc), even if the parameters of a CBA are almost figured out, the details will take some time to sort out. Thus, it makes sense for the 49ers to organize another players minicamp.

It's also possible the lockout could end before the CBA is finalized. Free agency wouldn't necessarily start at that point, but I believe it's possible to end the lockout and allow players to meet with coaches, while finalizing the rest of the CBA details. I'm not completely positive about that because the new league year might have to start up when the lockout is ended. I tweeted Andrew Brandt to find out for sure because that could be fairly significant for getting players and coaches working together again.

In the meantime, we'll see what kind of progress we see in the second minicamp. And hopefully MIchael Crabtree will be in attendance (no reason to think otherwise given his appearance at the first minicamp). The less "controversy" the better.