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Frank Gore Doing Work With Terrelle Pryor

Big thanks to Matt Barrows for finding the video after the jump, and Drew for throwing up the FanShot. This is brief video from QB Terrelle Pryor's workout with some of Drew Rosenhaus' clients. Frank Gore, Chad Ochocinco, and Antonio Brown were all on hand to work out with Pryor as he prepares for the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft.

This video is of at least a little bit of value for 49ers fans because of Frank Gore's hip injury last season. There hasn't been a whole lot said about the injury, but we've heard some positive reports in recent weeks. If you check out the video after the jump, Gore makes two appearances. The first is at the very beginning when he seems to be ending a sprint. The more pertinent part comes at the 1:00 mark of the video. Gore lines up wide to the left and runs a quick comeback route. He catches Pryor's pass and then makes his cut up field. It's only one catch without pads in a staged practice, but his ability to make that cut is a good sign.

The second edition of "Camp Alex" will take place early next week. Gore and Chilo Rachal were the only people absent from the first camp. There's no word yet on whether either will be in attendance for the second camp. While nobody will likely raise much of a stink over Gore being absent next week, if Chilo misses again we might hear some grumblings.

It'd be nice for Gore to attend the camp no matter what, but if he did show up it would be a great signal that his recovery is indeed well on track. I had heard a while back that he was ahead of schedule on his rehab so I'd imagine he'll be good to go come September. For Gore, it's important for him to show he's 100% because he's a free agent after the 2011 season. He won't get a superstar deal but he could be in line for a nice pay day as long as he's fully recovered from the hip injury.

Terrelle Pryor works out with Frank Gore, Chad Ochocino and Antonio Brown