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49ers Slot WR: Ronald Johnson vs. Kyle Williams vs. Ted Ginn Jr

Although there are question marks about the 49ers top two receivers in Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan, the questions take a bit of a step up when you look at the rest of the receivers. The 49ers receivers include Ted Ginn Jr, Dominique Zeigler, Kyle Williams, Ronald Johnson, Kevin Jurovich, and Lance Long. For the purposes of this debate we'll leave out Jurovich and Long as they are long shots to make the 53-man roster.

Where it gets interesting will be the battle between Ginn, Zeigler, Williams and Johnson when it comes to playing time. Stats man Danny Tuccitto has finally joined Twitter and he sent out some 49ers stats that are not exactly inspiring. Ted Ginn was the de factor number three receiver and finished with 12 receptions on the season. More importantly, the 49ers finished 31st in receptions by their third wide receiver. They tried to use Kyle Williams and Dominique Zeigler in that role at times but both dealt with injury issues during the season and never emerged ahead of Ginn.

Now, the 49ers will add in Ronald Johnson and get Zeigler back from IR. Scouts Inc's Matt Williamson put together a write-up about the 49ers wide receivers and was fairly down on them. The question is which of the wide receivers will step up in 2011? Or are the 49ers destined to have a fairly weak group of receivers for now? Do you see the 49ers adding a receiver through free agency or hoping that Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker will make up the difference from not having sufficient wide receiver depth?