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49ers Hall of Fame: Time For A Physical Location

Earlier this week Jed York spoke with on a variety of topics related to the team and the future. One of the more interesting topics we haven't heard as much discussion about was the potential for a physical 49ers Hall of Fame that people could visit. The Edward J DeBartolo, Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame was created in 2009 and will be inducting its third class this fall. Naturally it would be nice to eventually have a physical location for fans to visit.

According to York, Keena Turner and members of the marketing department have actually been visiting the Halls of Fame for other teams like the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers Hall of Fame is located at Lambeau Field and features their Super Bowl trophies, a variety of videos, and even a re-creation of Vince Lombardi's office.

Based on York's comments, the 49ers Hall of Fame would actually be part of the team's new stadium once that all gets figured out. The most interesting mention was the potential inclusion of some of Bill Walsh's coaching tapes. I'd have to imagine that would be pretty cool to check out in the team's Hall of Fame.