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Golden Nuggets: Camp Alex Returns, As Do I

Good morning everyone, Ninjames back again for the Golden Nuggets. Thanks to Fooch for covering them during my birthday and birthday shenanigans. It was a great day, thanks to a key person or two, and also thanks to the folks who got at me on Twitter and posted here on NN wishing me a happy birthday, it was great. As for our 49ers, I haven't been keeping up, so there may be repeat links. If I post any that Fooch happened to post, go ahead and ridicule me unmercifully in the comments, I can't be bothered to actually go back and click two whole days worth of Nuggets just for your convenience! It's not my birthday anymore, so I don't care about you! Any of you! Suck eggs, losers! That was mean. I apologize. On to the links.

There's a lot of competition at the wide receiver for the 49ers. Honestly, as I noted before, the Alex Smith will not suffer from a lack of targets, but I would not be opposed to the 49ers pursuing a receiver in free agency. (

Cue BustaTheRippa, as there's been another Alex Smith-led camp for most of the offensive players so they can learn the playbook from Smith. It's on for next week, maybe I should head out there and see if I can get Smith to be as mean to me as he was to Tim Kawakami and that other guy I can't remember because he doesn't matter, but was equally upset? (

Joe Staley has nothing negative to say about Michael Crabtree. That's a great start, whether he is just not speaking, or legitimately has no problem with Crabtree. (

Dashon Goldson hopes to return to the 49ers in 2011, and I think the feeling is mutual. There's very few anti-Goldson people here on Niners Nation, it's mostly just people who don't want to overpay for a guy who really is boom-or-bust at this stage in his career. Flip a coin. (

Here's some excerpts from Barrows' latest chat. (

Jim Tomsula hosted a camp for Down syndrome awareness. He's a great guy. (

This is a piece looking at the 49ers quarterbacks through the (probably recent) years, and I'm just not masochistic enough to want to read it. You're on your own. (

Here's yet another breakdown of the wide receivers, this one from Sando's blog. (

49ers and NFL Announce Field Grant (

Catching Up With Jed York (

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