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Vernon Davis: The Most Entertaining Player On The Football Field?

Yesterday afternoon I rolled out some YouTube video packages about the 49ers (both adults and kids!) to take us into the evening. I came across one highlight package of Vernon Davis in 2010 that I wanted to save for today. The title of this post is probably a little hyperbolic as the NFL is filled with some veritable human highlight reels. There are amazing running backs, receivers, quarterbacks, linebackers and return men, among numerous others, that could potentially lay claim to "most entertaining player" when it comes to the football field.

However, Vernon Davis remains one of my favorites as his rare combination of size, speed and overall athleticism allows him to make some truly spectacular plays. I've posted two highlight videos after the jump that show some of his many impressive plays in 2010.

We all know about his story of redemption under Coach Mike Singletary. What could have turned into wasted talent has stepped up to become a leader on the team and a source of great entertainment on Sundays. The NFL is filled with guys who have size, speed and athleticism. However, I would argue Davis is in the upper echelon of that group because of how well he utilizes this combination.

His seam route has become almost a trademarked play for him. Teams have learned to better defend it with more and more players, but in a one-on-one situation with just about any defensive player, I don't know if he can be covered. He's bigger than safeties and corners and he has more speed than linebackers. The fact that he even as more speed than some safeties and corners only helps him. More importantly, he's shown an impressive ability to bring down catches in traffic. In the first video below you can see the ability to haul in a catch in a crowd at the 0:28 mark against the Rams.

We've celebrated how great a tight end Vernon Davis has become but I think it's worth at least considering him as entertaining as any NFL player out there. Given Jim Harbaugh's use of the tight end in his West Coast offense, hopefully it will make for an even greater 2011 for Vernon Davis.

Vernon Davis Highlights