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Golden Nuggets: You Drove Me To It

So, I've decided that I'm going to go on strike if you folks don't start commenting on the Golden Nuggets more. That's just how it is, I'm about to hold Niners Nation hostage. I'm kind of crazy that way. Even if you do comply and comment more, I will still probably shoot one of you in the face each day until the lockout is over. Up first, manraj7! The rest of you can vote on the next to sacrifice to me and my madness, and it can be anybody except me. Oh, and Girlie, too. I'm quite fond of her. So I've successfully rambled for a little bit, and now it's time for me to break it to you: there's not really any new links today. Yeah ... like a band-aid, right? Enjoy the link.

Actually, there's nothing new in regards to 49ers news. Matt Barrows did some uniform rankings, so there's that. But that's really it. (

Psyche! Kevin Jurovich has made significant strides this offseason, and while I don't see that necessarily translating to playing time, if he can prove me wrong, I'd be pretty stoked. (

Taylor Mays is listed as one of the sophomore players that teams are hoping break out. I'm not sure he ever will, but any prediction is probably realistic at this point. (

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Being a Sheep

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