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Terrell Owens Torn ACL: An Expected Result In This Lockout-Fueled Offseason?

As linked by nocal81 via Fanshot last night, wide receiver Terrell Owens recently underwent surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL. There is conflicting information as to whether it occurred while working out or while taping his reality show and Drew Rosenhaus hasn't confirmed as of this writing. Either way, TO is out of commission for the near future. Sources have indicated that with intensive rehab the best case would have him returning to the field in mid- to late-November.

For comparison's sake, TO is 37 as he looks to recover while Jerry Rice was almost 35 when he blew out his knee. Rice returned in incredibly quick fashion although he cracked his patella in his first game back. If TO is hoping to come back, I actually hope that he is able to fully recover and leave the NFL on his own terms. In recent years I've come to terms with TO and have moved beyond my distaste for him when he left the 49ers. Whatever the reasons behind it, he became the bad guy and fans turned on him. Whether that's right or wrong, he seems to have rehabilitated his image in recent years.

If this injury did occur during taping of his reality show, it sounds like a bit of a freak injury. However, amidst this lockout, I'm surprised we haven't heard about more injuries occurring during workouts. Kyle Williams strained a hamstring during Camp Alex and now the 49ers are back it this week. Fingers remain crossed that players can remain healthy while this labor mess gets worked out.