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Should The 49ers Utilize Colin Kaepernick In Specific Packages?

Yesterday, Matt Barrows wrote that Colin Kaepernick has decided to stick around the Bay Area for this week's players-only minicamp rather than attend the NFLPA-sponsored rookie symposium. The symposium is operating in place of the normal NFL symposium due to the lockout. It sounds like Kaepernick is sufficiently recovered from his leg injury that he'll be able to get some serious throws in at minicamp, although it remains to be seen how active he'll be behind Alex Smith and David Carr.

That got me thinking about the upcoming season. Assuming everything gets worked out with the CBA, the 49ers will likely head into the season with Smith as the starter and some mix of Carr and Kaepernick behind him. When rookie quarterbacks come into the league, sometimes we'll hear about them being given specific packages of plays to get them on the field and utilize their skills. Usually that involves quarterbacks that are scrambling QBs to create a new look without putting a rookie QB in a position to make a lot of decisions he might not be prepared to make.

Given Alex Smith's relative level of athleticism (and yes he is a fairly athletic quarterback), is it likely we'll see the 49ers work Kaepernick into the lineup in any sort of limited packages? I suppose if he dominated in training camp maybe he could earn the full-time starting job, but otherwise, is there any chance the 49ers mix him into the lineup in other ways?