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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick Is Doing Exactly What He Should

Thanks to Fooch for covering the Golden Nuggets yesterday, I'm back in action this morning. I have no idea what's going on in 49erland right now, so I suppose I'll catch up along with you guys. I know that there's another Alex Smith-led minicamp, which excites me, but I'm unsure of the details at the moment. I've been taking care of some other stuff and generally being clueless,

I love that Colin Kaepernick is choosing to work out with the team instead of going to the rookie symposium. I don't doubt that the event is important, I just think that not everybody needs it, and Kaepernick is a kid with a head on his shoulders. He'd be better served working out to ensure that defensive players don't dislodge said head from said shoulders. (

Teams will be scrambling to get everything set up once a deal gets done, if it does indeed get done. They have plans in place, of course, but executing them all at once will be a hellish and frantic point in time. I cannot wait. (

What we know of Jim Harbaugh, or rather, what we think we know of Jim Harbaugh is constantly changing. I cannot wait to see what he can do here. (

I think the 49ers are in a good way in regards to the offensive tackle position. I loved the Anthony Davis pick, and I think Joe Staley is above-average. I still wonder if Alex Boone can be a backup. (

Kevin Jurovich and Kyle Williams are likely battling each other for a roster spot in 2011. I'm inclined to believe that Williams is the guy that would get it in that case. (

Patrick Willis has Mike Singletary to thank for many things, but Willis will continue to play at a high level and get even better without Singletary around. (

Catching Up With Roger Craig (

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