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The Return of 49ers Minicamp: Kendall Hunter Absent, Colin Kaepernick Present

The 49ers kick off minicamp number two with Alex Smith, Joe Staley, Adam Snyder, and others leading the way. The minicamp is scheduled to run through Friday with a mix of class room work and on field practice. I'd imagine we'll get our Crabtree update fairly quickly today since that's the story that everybody wants to hear. There's no reason to think he won't be in town since he was around last minicamp, but until official word comes down we'll just get to wait on pins and needles.

One player we know that won't be around is rookie running back Kendall Hunter. While Hunter was in attendance at the first minicamp, he will instead be attending the four day rookie symposium being held by the NFLPA in Bradenton, Florida. According to Barrows article, 70% of rookies are expected to attend the symposium.

One player who will not be attending the rookie symposium is Colin Kaepernick. Instead of attending the symposium, Kaepernick will be in attendance at the minicamp. There's no official word on the other 49ers rookies. Kaepernick had his mysterious leg surgery last month and is mostly healed from it. In the last minicamp he threw some passes but they were more just throwing the ball around as opposed to taking snaps and running plays.

The media will mostly be locked out of practice again but will likely be reporting from the fences like they did at the last set of practices. I'm curious to read what they have to say about Kaepernick's performance starting today. You could argue this is really the first big test for him since he'll get to mix in drop backs and plays.