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NFL Lockout And Lawyers: Let My People Go!

As we slowly work towards an eventual resolution to the NFL Lockout, optimism has grown. However, there appear to still be some bumps in the road, and naturally my people appear to be at the center of it all once again. PFT is reporting that some of the lawyers on the players' side have been pushing them to stand firm and not give in too much in these negotiations.

While I'd agree that there are times for employees to hold fast for better terms and conditions, this might not be such a time. I'd argue the proposed CBA, the details of which have been leaking out recently, would put the players in a position to really benefit from all this. The time has come to make a deal and move on. As Florio said, "lawyers work for their clients, and sometimes the lawyers need to be reminded of that fact, in no uncertain terms."

The next couple weeks really are critical if the season is going to start on time. Basically, a deal would need to be done sometime over the next ten days, give or take. Ideally negotiations will go well this week and maybe we have a deal by Independence Day. My guess is it will head into next week at the least, but maybe I can be proven wrong on this. Time is definitely running short.