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Golden Nuggets: Colin Kaepernick Is Weapon X

Yesterday, I got the Niners Nation NFL Tournament of Badness back on track with the first match of the second round. It's a blowout right now, but I still would like you to head over there and vote. May as well pile it on, blowouts are awesome ... especially in Super Bowls. Against the Broncos. Those are the best. Anyway, Michael Crabtree was absent from 49ers minicamp again, and then he wasn't. So there's that. I'm glad he was there, disappointed he didn't do anything. I don't know the extent of his injuries, but it sucks whether he's hurt or not. 

As stated, Michael Crabtree attended the practice session, but he did not take part in any of the drills. He was just sort of there, which is better than nothing and I am glad that he is around. (

Colin Kaepernick's throwing arm is a weapon created by the government to destroy the hands of wide receivers. Why does this matter to the government? Who knows, they enjoy wasting money. (

He's also a "can't miss" kid. Well, there you have it. I, for one, am convinced. (

Joe Staley said some nice things about Crabtree, wondering why anybody is surprised that the wide receiver showed up for the minicamps. (

Catching Up With Geroge Seifert (

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