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49ers Free Agent Barry Sims: What Is His Deal?

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In titling this post, I don't mean it in a bad, "What's this guy's deal" kind of way. Rather, I'm curious what people think of Barry Sims and what they see happening to Sims in free agency. We had some discussion last week about the offensive tackle position and free agency so we're treading on a similar topic. However, I'd still like to focus in on Barry Sims.

In his time with the 49ers, Sims has started every season as the swing tackle who can provide rest for either the left or right tackle. However, as the season has worn on, injuries have forced him into the starting lineup. Each of the last two seasons has seen Joe Staley miss much of the second half of the season resulting in Sims making his way into the starting lineup. In replacing Staley, Sims has filled in quite admirably.

The question now is what the team does with Sims and Alex Boone. While Sims has gotten playing time the last few seasons, Boone has been mostly standing on the sidelines since he signed with the team in 2009. He's worked to stay in shape and fine tune his body and now might be the time he gets his shot.

Part of the decision on the tackle positions depends on your feelings about Anthony Davis and Joe Staley. I think they could prove to be solid long term options; others will disagree, which makes this a tough decision. If Davis or Staley is too much of a weak link, it would make sense to keep around a veteran like Sims. If the coaching staff has confidence Davis and Staley can hold down the fort, maybe you roll the dice with and clear Sims' roster space.

How do you view the situation?

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