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Friday Night Open Thread: Favorite Sports Movie

I think we've had this discussion before, but given that things are quiet right now I thought I'd pull it out one more time. After last week's In 'N Out vs. Five Guys debate, I'm thinking a Friday open thread on a particular random topic might be fun. We'll continue with the Official Community Threads set up by mcwagner, but this will be more of an end of the week thread and will focus in on a single topic.

For today, I'm curious about your favorite sports movies. And I'm thinking favorite by sport. Here's my list although I'm sure I'll overlook some:

Football: The Program - There have been some surprisingly good football movies made but The Program remains one of my favorites. Any Given Sunday is an excellent one as well. The Replacements and Varsity Blues are cheesy but highly entertaining.

Baseball: Major League - Bull Durham and Field of Dreams are both great movies, but I think Major League is arguably the most rewatchable movies and consistently laugh out loud movies in general.

Basketball: This is a really tough category. There have been some highly entertaining basketball-related movies. My top ones would probably be Blue Chips, White Men Can't Jump, Teen Wolf, and Above The Rim. I've watched Hoosiers and it's a solid enough movie, but I don't love it like some people do.

Golf: Happy Gilmore/Tin Cup - I'm a big fan of both and can't really decide which I like more. (Fooch's Update: Can't believe I forgot Caddyshack).

Hockey: Mighty Ducks? I haven't seen Slap Shot so I can't comment on it

Boxing: Rocky III or Rocky IV - While the original is a classic, the third and fourth ones are my favorites and are the most re-watchable. Gun to my head I'd go with Rocky III thanks to the classic Mr. T performance and Apollo Creed joining forces with Rocky.

Bobslebbing: Cool Runnings - Just because it's a fun movie.