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Golden Nuggets: Losing Eric Heitmann Hurts The 49ers

We had some relatively sad news yesterday, as it was announced that center Eric Heitmann was undergoing season-ending surgery. I've always been a fan of Heitmann, but unlike my affinity for Thomas Clayton or my borderline creepy obsession with Dominique Zeigler, I always had a ton to base it off of: Heitmann was good. Really, really good ... most definitely in the top echelon of centers in the league, and thoroughly undervalued by essentially everybody around here. His intelligent, almost sneaky play was the best on the offensive line, which I guess isn't saying much ... but he was really good, to say the least. I'm actually pretty bummed out about this, I had hoped Heitmann could compete for the right guard position and beat Chilo Rachal, who is presently doing his best Michael Crabtree impression. Anyway, on to your linkage.

As noted, Eric Heitmann will miss next season due to a surgery. His presence on and off the field will most definitely be missed, because I assume he won't be spending a ton of time at team headquarters once this lockout is over. (

A Stanford center was on hand to assist the 49ers offensive linemen with the playbook and talk a little about Jim Harbaugh's preparation tactics. Only good things can come of this. (

Anthony Dixon volunteered to play fullback, which I think is a bad move. I think he should fight for the backup spot, and take the third string if he can't get it. He can't play fullback. (

Crabtree told the media that he did everything during Tuesday's practice, which means that it would have to have been when the media was not allowed in. (

At the very least, the 49ers showed that they are dedicated, and a lot of team building took place. It's questionable as to how much will carry over, but we can only hope it's a lot. (

I really like that Alex Smith is taking charge right now, but I won't buy the notion that he's suddenly become the leader we need on the football field. (

Catching Up With Gordy Soltau (

Hey 49ers fans, is Terrell Owens a first-ballot Hall of Famer? Methinks yes. (

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