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Golden Nuggets: Pile It On, 49ers Fans

As it stands, Garth DeFelice is dominating Donovan McNabb's grasp of overtime rules, but I you can always head over there and vote if you haven't yet. It wouldn't hurt to get McNabb some more votes, nor would it hurt to increase DeFelice's lead since he really is the worst kind of referee out there. I guess referees that would take money for favorable calls are worse, but I'm alright with everyday corruption (imagine that). People with inferiority complexes are awful ... just saying. Big egos are bad too. Just kidding, because egos are awesome. My ego is bigger than yours is, plus it's better. So there. Anyway, we may or may not have any links today, I'll let you know as ... soon as I post them. Enjoy, folks.

Nearly all of the offensive rookies will be participating in the minicamp, which is great. It sucks that Bruce Miller won't be attending, but I suppose it makes sense that you're worried about injury when you've never played the position you're going to be practicing, and without any coaches around. (

Can't get enough when it comes to reading about the 49ers coaching staff? Me neither, so here's a good piece on Greg Roman. (

Well, do you find it at all shocking that ... get this ... somebody

doesn't think Alex Smith will pan out? That's a startling revelation if I've ever seen one. (

Former 49er John Henry Johnson Passes Away (

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