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Golden Nuggets: NFL Lockout Making Me Crazy ... Or Maybe I've Always Been This Way

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. Now that the French Open is over (really was pulling for Federer in that final), I'm really at a loss for things. The only thing I have going for me right now is Giants baseball, and that makes me sad when I think about it because of Buster Posey. And also Pablo Sandoval. Brandon Belt, too. Injuries suck, a whole lot. And now I'm reminded of Eric Hietmann, and Dominique Zeigler, and Frank Gore. Screw everything! I hate everybody! ... OK, that might be a little much, but you know what I'm saying. Actually, you probably don't, because I don't, as I started talking about lack of sports and hating the lockout and went on a tangent about sports injuries. Oh well, that's what you get with me. You love it. Enjoy the links.

Nobody on the team has reached out to Steve Young for help during this lockout. I do agree with Maiocco when he says that those type of questions (why isn't 'x'' player coaching 'x' position?) are annoying, and I also agree that asking Young, however, makes sense. My guess would be that Alex Smith is a very intelligent guy and not a lot can be learned from Young at least in regards to the playbook. Smith has his study material, now it's time to cram. (

I hate having to read pieces like this ... not because it's not a great piece, but just because hearing about legendary players passing is a pretty sobering feeling. John Henry Johnson was a one-in-a-million 49er. (

If you missed this read regarding Greg Roman yesterday, I suggest you catch up. It's a great one. (

Lockout limbo: 49ers report (

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